Coaches Bio



Ashley Gold is a full time head coach at Verrazano Crossfit. She was never one to shy away from new things. As a child her parents pushed her to get involved with any and every sport available from figure skating and ballet to competitive sparring. The enjoyment of being a part of a team or community that each sport provided continued into her adult life and influenced her decision to serve her country in the United States Air Force. This life changing choice allowed Ashley to study in the USAF Dental Program and relocate to Germany. Her job became rewarding when she was assigned to the largest dental laboratory unit in the world where she was able to help wounded soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan by fabricating maxi-facial prosthesis. Seeing how her efforts effected these service members, she became very passionate about changing peoples lives.

Ashley has always loved working out, but when she was introduced to Crossfit she developed a whole new philosophy towards her training. The constant intensity yet varied routine kept her motivated and allowed her to push herself beyond her own comfort levels. Throughout her Crossfit journey, she found a specific passion for the barbell. Olympic Lifting became her sport of choice and main focus. She is a national level lifter, national coach, LWC referee, and head coach of Staten Island Barbell. Her team has won the Metropolitan Championship Award for 3 consecutive years. Many teammates have qualified and competed nationally as well as internationally.  Ashley’s goal as a coach is to share what she has learned through her training and have it impact you in a way that will change your life.



Alexander Federico IV was never what you would consider the personal “trainer type”. Weighing in at just over 300lbs 2 years ago Alexander was able to successful transform his lifestyle and overall health. Alexander’s new focus is now on improving the health and wellness of all those closest to him starting with his family and employees.

Alexander’s transformation began by completing the P90x 90 day challenge, followed by the Insanity 60-day challenge. It was after those 5 months that he found Crossfit. Now Alexander does at least one and sometimes 2 Crossfit workouts every day. He has since become a certified Level 1 Crossfit trainer and is now opening up his own Crossfit Affiliate for his staff and family. It is his hope to inspire those closest to him to follow in his footsteps and achieve overall wellness! Alexander’s deep commitment to fitness and nutrition combined with his life experiences of being overweight and battling obesity his entire life, more then qualify him to not only lead this Crossfit facility, but also motivate and inspire those who would typically be intimidated by these style workouts.

Alexander has always had a good sense for business, successfully starting and operating companies varying from ice cream businesses to vending machines to a catering company Alexander has been self employed since he was 17 years old. It is these business skills that will help drive Alexander’s Crossfit business to the next level.