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People come in asking: “Where are all the machines?” I tell them: “We are the machines!”

CrossFit Kids is not simply a scaled down version of CrossFit. We provide unique age and skill appropriate fitness programming that is designed to be both physically challenging and FUN!


Verrazano CrossFit - CrossFit


Front Squat

3×5 @70%


Metcon (Time)


Row 30 Cal

30 Pull-ups

30 Kettlebell Swings

Verrazano CrossFit began to help keep the employees at Costal Supply Group healthy. Soon after owner Alexander Federico IV turned his attention to the community with a desire to match nutrition with high intensity work outs to keep Staten Island healthy. The aspect that separates Verrazano CrossFit from other gyms or “boxes” is its inclusiveness and desire to help beginners. While many are nervous about CrossFit style movements the coaches at Verrazano CrossFit are dedicated to making every member feel comfortable while giving their 100%.

Coaches at Verrazano CrossFit are chalking up the diverse membership to the positive style by which they teach. From men and women over the age of 60 to members in a youth sports program, this box prides itself on being a place for everyone to work together in a safe environment.

The workouts, which are guaranteed to be different every single day, are inspired by movements that everyone is able to do, such as squatting and lifting things off the ground. It is through these functional movements that elderly people maintain independence. For fit individuals looking for a challenge Verrazano CrossFit will scale workouts accordingly to meet each member’s specific needs. This will allow all members, despite their ability, to work out alongside each other and root the person on next to them.

This allows Verrazano CrossFit to be more than just a gym. After one class the members of Verrazano CrossFit become a family.

In addition to training, Verrazano CrossFit focuses on keeping its members healthy in the kitchen as well. The coaches inform members about healthy food options and even work to establish a green market in the neighborhood. Therefore, while members can rely on seeing constantly changing workouts, they can also be sure to gain fresh insight on fresh food.

With constantly updating workouts and the nutritional help Verrazano CrossFit is more than just an average gym. It’s a place for everyone to get healthy in a stress-free, safe and friendly environment.

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