Verrazano Crossfit was launched at the conference room table of Coastal Plumbing Supply, a family owned business in the Stapleton section of Staten Island. It was founded on the idea that focusing on the health of our employee’s would have a significant ripple effect on the entire company. Not only would the employee’s life be enhanced, but so would the lives of those around them. As a result, our organization could create a strong and sustainable ROI in the form of an enhanced wellness culture and overall productivity, controlled health care and disability costs, sick time and turnover.

Now, as we enter our 1st year, we are pleased to report that it’s working – extremely well. Here are some highlights about the Coastal Wellness program (Verrazano Crossfit):

  • Increased comradery amongst the staff
  • Increased overall awareness for fitness and nutrition
  • More productive employees
  • Better overall attitude in the workplace

Verrazano Crossfit is committed to helping other employers in the community receive these same results. Utilizing Crossfit as a way to maximize the overall workplace experience and drive sales to the next level. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the workplace wellness programs we are implementing throughout the NYC business community.